Radicalisation & Extremism

There are many forms of extremism


Almost every day a new story appears detailing the latest shocking incidents of children in this country being subjected to indoctrination, misinformation, or radicalisation by fundamentalist religious teaching....

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London Bridge terror attack victims honoured


A service to honour those murdered in the London Bridge terror attack exactly a year ago is under way at Southwark Cathedral...

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Demonstrations after far-right figure arrested


Hundreds of demonstrators descended on Whitehall to protest against far-right figurehead Tommy Robinson's arrest for allegedly breaching the peace outside a Leeds courthouse.... 

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A extremist in the family



Rasheed Benyahia was in a hurry. Like so many young adults going places in Britain today, he needed to get a move on.....

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'My son the jihadist'


 BIRMINGHAM, England — I gripped the phone, trying to make out the words on the crackling line. There was a moment of silence before the voice at the other end spoke.....

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Slaying the Myths about prevent


This is a piece I couldn’t have dreamed of writing a year ago. In senior policing you tend to get ‘appointed’ to roles, rather than necessarily applying for them .....

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Britain is facing serious far-right terrorism threat


Britain faces a new and significant threat from organised far-right terrorism, the UK’s most senior counter-terrorism officer said on Monday as he revealed police had foiled four plots by right-wing extremists in the last year....

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Why Women Should Be At The Forefront Of Preventing Radicalisation And Extremism


 It is impossible to overstate the importance of involving female voices when discussing radicalisation and terrorism. It is shameful that this should need to be restated......

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70 Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Violence And Terrorism


 Seventy scholars from three Muslim nations issued an edict on Friday that says violent extremism and terrorism violate the principles of Islam.....

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